for those age 0 – 25

(who have (or had) a statement/EHCP to attend a mainstream school or go to a special school, ARB or PRU)


for those age 14 and over

(must have been a member for a year)


for those age 16 and over

(must have been a member for a year)

Carers Events

Open to all carers in CAAP

Monthly Swim

1st Sunday of the month at Newquay Waterworld

Inset Days

Open to any child/young person CAAP member who attends a special school

About Us

Our Aims & Objectives:

  • Seek funding streams and apply as and when appropriate
  • Continually search for activity providers that are accessible and relevant to our members
  • Make sure we offer a wide range of accessible activities across the county
  • Regularly encourage feedback through consultation with families in order to shape the service to best meet the needs of the families accessing CAAP
  • Continue to operate in an open and transparent way
  • Ensure no family is excluded due to ability or financial restraint

CAAP is a charity formed by a group of parents of children with additional needs, to support families to access activities during school holidays.

The criteria for CAAP are children and young people aged 0-25 years who have (or had) a statement/EHCP to attend a mainstream school or go to a special school, ARB or PRU. If a child does not meet this criteria but cannot attend mainstream activities, a professional involved in the child’s care can sign the referral form found here.

​We seek grant funding to subsidise activities and these will be either just for the disabled child, for both the disabled child and their siblings or for the whole family to attend. Once registered, your child/young person will be issued a unique membership number which will enable them to to be booked onto our activities which are published on our activities page approximately two weeks before a school holiday begins.

This membership card entitles the bearer to a reduced entry fee at a growing list of attractions around Cornwall on production of the CAAP Card to the ticket office, please visit our membership benefits page to see what offers are currently available.

CAAP activities are often open to and their siblings aged 0-18years, where possible.

CAAP operates during all school holidays, Monday to Friday and generally from 10am – 4pm depending on the activity. We also arrange a monthly swim session.

Each program is carefully constructed to include activities that cover the whole of the county, are age appropriate, safe, fun and promote the confidence of children and young people whilst encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. Some activities are exclusively for the disabled child, some for just the siblings and the rest aimed at whole family participation.