The West Cornwall Youth Trust

Have granted CAAP an amazing £4000 towards the cost of providing the mobiloo. A HUGE thank you to WCYT from everyone here at CAAP – large grants like this enable us plan ahead and supply better provisions for our children in the future.

Comic Relief

Big thanks to Comic Relief for their donation of £1k to fund our own ‘Blue Light Day’ where our children and young people with behavioural challenges can meet and spend time with the emergency services having positive interactions with members of the uniformed services

Children in Need

Thank You to Children In Need for £10k funding towards 2017/18 activities!! We will have a fabulous year thanks to them, so many new families will be reached and so many lives changed for the better!!!

Bolingey Barbarians

Bolingey Barbarians – £4k funding towards co-ordination and activities helps to keep our group running smoothly.

Thank You!

In order for CAAP to operate we need as much funding as possible to ensure our events are inclusive, diverse, fun and enable our children/young people to access mainstream activities during the school holidays.

We are extremely grateful for every penny donated and appreciate the hard work that goes into organising raffles, cake sales that fund so much of our activities.

So, this is CAAP’s dedicated space to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!

Although it won’t be possible to log every single donation we will endeavour to update and thank as many people as we can via our Facebook page so please do send in your photos of any fundraising events you do for CAAP as we’d very much like to acknowledge our supporters.